Facility to generate and download TC’s for II PUC students is available in SuVidya. Please use II PUC SuVidya Login link and login to your SuVidya account to generate TC’s and Study Certificates.

Please note the following:

  • Please make sure to fill in information required once, for all student TC’s like Total College Days, Nationality of Student etc., from Certificates -> Certificate Defaults menu.
  • Click on Certificates -> Transfer Certificate menu to view list of students for whom you need to generate TCs / Study Certificates.
  • Click on each student name to fill in any missing details like TC Number, Admission No, Student Number etc., for that student.
  • Select the student/students by clicking on the checkbox beside each student record and then click on Transfer Certificate or Study Certificate button to download TCs / Study Certificates for selected students.
  • In case you want to update missing TC information offline then import them, please follow below steps
  1. Select one or more students using selection checkbox and then download the template for selected student records using Template button.
  2. Open downloaded Excel Template file and make any required changes like filling in missing details, wiz., Admission No, Student No, TC Number, etc.,
  3. Open Certificate -> Transfer Certificate screen again and click on Import button, choose the modified / edited Template Excel file and click import to update all details from Excel Template.
  • You can download TC’s and Study Certificates anytime by selecting students (using the checkbox) and clicking on Transfer Certificate / Study Certificate buttons.
  • In case you haven’t yet added student details (for example Private Students), please add them from Manage -> Students screen before issuing TC.