Custodian for I PUC examination from your college can be registered in SuVidya. Please make sure to complete the entry of custodian by Tuesday, 08-01-2019.

Please follow below steps to save custodian details

  1. Login to SuVidya
  2. Click on “Manage Custodian” button in Quick Links area or click on “Examination -> Custodian” menu to open custodian area
  3. Click on “New Custodian” button
  4. Fill in custodian details like
    a. Custodian Name: Name of the lecturer being assigned as a custodian from your college
    b. Subject Handled: Select one of the subject handled by the lecturer designated for custodian
    c. Contact No: Contact number of the lecturer being designated as custodian
    d. Alt. No: Alternate contact number if any
  5. Click on “Save” button to save